1. Photo of the sis.

  2. Uncovered this gem from the depths of my memory card.

  3. If Ilford ever want me to become their poster child for their black and white films, I’d be more than willing.

    Here’re some photos I took of my friend Harriet.

  4. Let’s start this month with Robson Banda & the New Black Eagles

  5. My sketchbook these days.

  6. I haven’t posted any drawings lately as I’ve been focusing a lot on video, so here is a little doodle I did the other day.

  7. Delectable group photos of Reading Uni Art Dep. finalists.

    By Robbie McKane

  8. Now with the new Final Cut Pro, you can render and export your youth away! Huzzah!

  9. Coo pigeon lover….

  10. New video innit!
    Ok I need to pull myself together, been neglecting this blog.